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We approach our job with utmost commitment. We use the principle of division of labour. This enables us to engage specialists in various fields. Thus, each staff or group of staff provides the service in which it best specializes.

This coupled with the right equipment makes us the team you should talk to, to save money and time. Above all honesty in client handling is our hallmark.

Some of our approach features are as follows:

  • - Price quoting and selling according to buyers units.
  • - Proper and neat packaging of products.
  • - Bold labeling for easy identification.
  • - Critical observation of expiry dates.
  • - Supplying of high quality items.
  • - Generally our approach to work falls within the framework of ISSA, IMPA & SHIPSERV and other marine supply regulations since we are members of these Associations.
  • - We liase with clients’s agents, officers in charge of vessel, owners and or charterers to provide best supply and other services.
  • - Our sources of supply are carefully selected. They include companies whose products pass the test of Ghana Standard Board.