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GARTMAS LIMITED (GARTMAS) is new to the Ghanaian business environment.
However, with uncompromising cohesive expertise, the company is poised to be the major player in transportation, logistics and general services for the Ghanaian business community and especially for the newly found oil and gas industry.

GARTMAS has both human and financial resources, and the muscle to deliver the best and most reliable services. The safety concerns related to our service delivery are deemed as priority. The company’s core values are honesty, attention to details and attention to client’s specification. Personal attention is at the fore front of our service to our clients, and GARTMAS is of size that allows us to employ all of the support functions necessary for First class service delivery. Still ensures that our management is constantly kept in touch with customers.

Our independence, flat management structure allows GARTMAS to provide the highest levels of personal attention. With qualified and experienced management team on-board, our services are swift, easy and sound. The management team has a clear understanding of the facts, dos and don'ts of the service industry; this deduces our solution is unbeatable.
What makes our services the best among our competitors is the structure of our management. GARTMAS works with selected stakeholders within the Ghanaian business community.

Our multi-discipline project team has a clear understanding and certainly will deliver to your requirements set out in the most cost effectively manner.
GARTMAS is more confident in her management approach and services, this allows cost effective in delivery.
GARTMAS’s success can be attributed to world class quality, its level of professional and technical expertise, its valuable resources and the high value it places of its provision of safe and secure working environment utilizing local content.

Range of Products

We offer the widest range of products. We do provisions, cabin stores, engine stores, deck stores, bonded stores, laundry and stationery. Any other product, not in our list but available in Ghana can be supplied on request. Apart from these, we link the ships to other service providers and dealers in goods that are outside our domain for very little or no charge at all. This makes us the one-stop ship chandler in Ghana.

Differentiating Our Products From Others

We try as much as possible to differentiate our products especially our provisions from others bought by the ship by placing our name as the source. In doing so, any provision or goods supplied by us that is found to be unwholesome or unsuitable can be easily traced to us for redress.